A Place for Heroes


Together We Can Make A Difference!

If you are a Primary veteran and other heroes at risk and need housing please contact us, we want to serve YOU. Partnerships are essential to our success; feel free to contact us to discuss potential partnerships. Together, we can ensure that every Primary veteran and other heroes at risk lives the American Dream, especially since they provided us the same opportunity.

A Place for Heroes

Eligibility Requirements:

  • What is the minimum age requirement to apply?

    Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

  • How long must an applicant be clean for?

    Applicant must be clean and sober for 72 hours prior to admission.

  • What if an applicant has a mental illness?

    Applicant must be stable on prescribed medication(s) and provide written proof from the prescribing doctor that the applicant is capable of self-administering the prescribed medications.

  • Are there any policies or guidelines involved?

    Yes. Applicant must read and sign the programs policies and procedures guidelines.

  • Does an applicant have to participate in the entire program?

    Yes. Applicant must be able to participate physically and mentally in all parts of the program.

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