A Place for Heroes


  • “Before arriving at A Place for Heroes, I felt that my life was unmanageable. Since then, I’ve experienced the feeling of having a real home. I have been able to achieve a stable living, connect with the VA, receive my certification for Peer Support and reconnect with my fellow Vets.”

    - Will Moore

  • “I came down to Charlotte from New York. It was hard for me to find a place to live and staying in the Men’s Shelter was a trying experience. I was surrounded by a bunch of angry homeless men and it was as if the shelter was making money to keep me there because they weren’t trying to get me out. Rather than make me jump through hoops, A Place for Heroes called me and asked if I was interested in moving in. Thanks to their peer support I’ve been able to secure a North Carolina ID and make my VA appointments on time. For the 1st time in life I have a lease history and the stress of being a burden on other people has been lifted since coming here.”

    - Darren Garcia

  • “Before I came to A Place for Heroes, I experienced uncertainty. The uncertainty of not having a roof over my head or a job left me in a constant state of depression. The support of the staff and their positive attitude, genuine concern, and their willingness to help led to me finding a job, a stable living environment, fellowship, a reconnection with my daughter and a new outlook on life.”

    - Jeffrey Lawrence

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